The Complete Native Advertising Course

Brought to you by top experts, the course covers every aspect of native advertising – from basic concepts to advanced tracking and optimization practices.

You need to take the course if you...

  • Want to add native advertising to your marketing mix but not sure where to start.
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  • Looking for a platform to switch from Facebook Ads to.
  • Not satisfied with the performance of your existing native ad campaigns.
  • Want to boost your affiliate marketing profits.

Section 1: What's and why's of native advertising.

Section 2: How native advertising is different from other paid advertising techniques.

Section 3: Native advertising best practices.

Section 4: Exclusive lessons from representatives of top native ad platforms.

Section 5: The walkthrough of the processes of setting up performance tracking and reporting.

Section 6: Deep insights into the processes of performance analysis and optimization.

Section 7: Ad testing best practices.

Section 8: Scaling your account as well as the best-performing campaigns.

FAQ Section: Answers to your most frequent questions.

Final test and Certification.

In 12 hours, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Have been doing native advertising for some time and want to optimize your workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have some experience of running native advertising campaigns, how is the course useful for me?

The program not only covers native advertising basics but also includes advanced lessons of tracking and reporting setup, creating custom performance dashboards, and using tools for experienced media planners.

Will I be able to launch effective campaigns after taking the course?

Yes. Our instructors will guide you through the best practices for building a strong native advertising strategy and highlight all the pitfalls you might come across during your journey. You'll understand how to interpret and solve the most frequent performance issues and make the most out of your budget.

How is the course different from the other programs available on the web?

Our instructors focus on real insights into campaign management and optimization. You'll get introduced to tools, see unbiased reviews of native advertising platforms, and discover practices that haven't been shared elsewhere.

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